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Metaspace is a platform where you can own, manage and explore different virtual spaces. These spaces can be used to store and showcase art, collectibles and other virtual assets.


Virtual spaces can be used to store and showcase digital art, collectibles and other digital assets. All the spaces are NFT -compatible.


Use the spaces to create art galleries, exhibitions, stores and other environments that are yet to be discovered. Create one yourself or contribute with others.


Play around in your own spaces and explore what others have made. Find and enjoy new kinds of interactive 3D-experiments.

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Metaspace open beta has just launched. New features and updates are shipped almost daily.

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We dream to create Metaspace together with our community. Come and join us in discord to participate in the creation of the new world! 💎

Metaspace - Discord channel
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What is Metaspace?
Metaspace is a new web3 platform for different type of virtual spaces. Metaspace users can use their spaces to showcase their NFTs, create exhibitions, and new innovative environments yet to be discovered.
How can I use Metaspace?
All you need is a MetaMask wallet. Simply connect your wallet to the site, register your account and start exploring.
What types of artworks and collectibles can I bring to my space?
Videos, images and later 3D models related to a specific NFT stored in your blockchain wallet.
Who are the creators of Metaspace?
We are a growing team of software engineers, architects and designers having fun and building cool stuff. Join our discord and come say hi!
How can I move inside spaces?
With a mouse and keyboard. Don't worry, VR and mobile support are on their way!
Metaspace in social media?
You can find us on Twitter (@metaspace_fi) and Discord (link above)!

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